”A peaceful and progressive province with an improved quality of life and a preserved culture rich in diversity, a center for commercial crops with a developed and sustained marine industry in a sound and safe environments and  habitationwith a transparent, responsible and accountable leaders”


To develop an efficient and competitive economy generating well-equipped labor force, capable of providing socio-economic benefits to the people of Basilan, building a culture of preparedness by institutionalizing Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Climate Change resiliency of communities from the grassroots level and as a participative community in an atmosphere of peace and stability.

About Basilan

The ancient name of Basilan Island was Tagime, named after a Datu who once ruled a big part of the island before the Spaniards came to Basilan. In the long past, Basilan had other names. It used to be named Uleyan, derived from a mountain located at the heart of the island. Later, it was changed to Matangal, also named after Mt. Matangal in Tuburan. Other names given were Puh Gulangan (island of forest); Umus Tambun (fertile land); Kumalarang, named after a river; Baunuh Peggesan; and later it was changed to Basih Balan.

Financial Stories

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