6.2.1 Settlement



6.2.2 Protection



6.2.3 Production




6.2.4 Infrastructure 




6.3.1 Employment/Unemployment



6.3.2 Agriculture and Fisheries Development




6.4.1 Health



6.4.2 Education (Secondary & Elementary) Elementary Level

pr4 Secondary Level



6.4.3 Housing


6.4.4 Securtiy Crime Situation




6.5.1 Water and Sanitation




6.5.2 Power 




6.6.1 Elderly, Women & Children and Differently-Abled



6.6.2 Indigenous Persons (IPs)



6.7.1 Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

  • Conduct of several risk assessments
  • Development and establishment of several early warning systems
  • Development of tools on risk assessment
  • Increasing involvement of communities and LGUs in disaster risk management
  • Mainstreaming of DRRM into the national planning systems
  • National institutional and legal frameworks in DRR
  • Presence of functional multi-sectoral platform
  • Resource allocation
  • Reduce vulnerability through continued and sustained assessments especially in high-risk areas.
  • Integrate DRRM and CCA in all educational levels and in specialized technical training and research programs.
  • Push for the practice and use of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and prioritize the construction of flood management structures in highly vulnerable areas, while applying DRRM and CCA strategies in the planning and design of flood management structures
  • Intensify development and utilization of renewable energy and environment-friendly alternative energy resources/technologies.
  • Raise public awareness of DRR and mitigating the impacts of natural disasters through the formulation and implementation of a communication plan for DRR and CCA.
  • Strict implementation of the National Building Code Disaster Preparedness

  • Conduct of DRR researches
  • Conduct of multi-stakeholders dialogues
  • Conduct of various capacity building activities
  • Development and regular review of contingency plans
  • Development of IEC materials
  • Development of information and database generation
  • Development of school curricula to include DRR
  • Existence of procedures on disaster communication
  • Build community awareness and understanding of risk factors
  • Conduct local drills and simulation exercises
  • Increase resilience of communities through the development of climate change-sensitive technologies and systems and the provision of support services to the most vulnerable communities.
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities to respond effectively to climate and other natural and human-induced hazards and disasters.
  • Institutionalize DRRM and CCA in various sectors and increase local government and community participation in DRRM and CCA activities. Disaster Response

  • Established institutional mechanisms for disaster response operations
  • Improved skills in search, rescue and retrieval operations
  • Undertake search, rescue and retrieval
  • Disseminate and share information on disaster-related information
  • Develop and provide temporary shelter to evacuees
  • Provide pyscho social theraphy/support for people traumatized by disaster events
  • Institute Early Recovery Mechanism
  • Manage Dead and Missing
  • Manage evacuation Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery

  • Mainstreaming of DRR in social, economic, and human settlements development plans
  • Conduct of post disaster assessments
  • Integration of DRR into post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation processes
  • Incorporating DRR elements in planning and management of human settlements.
  • Restore and provide livelihood to affected families
  • Provide support to the rehabilitation of houses of affected people
  • Rehabilitate infrastructure damaged by disaster events.

6.7.2 Land Use Settlement

  • Encourage urban expansion in environmentally compatible areas
  • Enjoin the cities/municipalities to prepare/update their respective comprehensive land use plan and zoning ordinances including implementation Protection

  • Strict implementation of RA7586 (NIPAS Law)
  • Formulation and adoption of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP)
  • Involvement of Line Agencies, LGUs, NGOs, CSOs and POs in greening activity
  • Formulation/Updating of Marine Protected Area Management Plan (MPAMP) Production

  • Advocacy for crop production thru crop intensification, diversification and expansion
  • Development of potential irrigable areas
  • Access road improvement
  • Delineation/develop fish sanctuaries
  • Introduce new fishing technology
  • Formulate Local Fishery Ordinance
  • Institutional capability build up Infrastructure

  • Provide access to production areas
  • Modernization of communication facilities
  • Provide external linkages

6.7.3 Economy Employment/Unemployment

  • Expansion of livelihood opportunities
  • Investment promotion Agriculture and Fisheries Development

  • Institute Industry Clustering as local economic strategy
  • Develop industrial approach
  • Implementation of Sahaya ARC Cluster Development Program

6.7.4 Access to Services Health

Sustain delivery of basic health services Education (Secondary & Elementary)

a) Elementary Level
  • Creation of teacher’s plantilla item
  • Sustain proficiency training for teachers
  • Creation of support personnel
  • Develop academic curriculum for Basic Skills in Reading, Writing and Numeracy
  • Monitoring performance indicators
  • Advocacy for Alternative Learning System (ALS) for out of school children, youth and adults.
  • Literacy mapping barangay- based (number of non-literate and drop-out by age group)
  • Improve physical access to school
b) Secondary Level
  • Enhancing Cohort, Drop-out and Participation Rate
  • Sustain proficiency training for teachers
  • Creation of plantilla item for additional teachers
  • Full Integration of ICTs in every school
  • Provision of administrative support facilities Housing

  • Encourage establishment of low cost housing
  • Create Local Housing Board (all LGUs level)
  • Identification and acquisition of lot for low cost housing Securtiy Crime Situation

  • Strengthen Peace and Order Council
  • Create People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB)
  • Sustain Police Visibility
  • Augment police force
  • Mobilize barangay tanod
  • Full implementation of gun ban
  • Advocacy for gunless society
  • Regulate issuance of permit to carry firearms

6.7.5 Utility Services (Water, Power) Water and Sanitation

  • Tap, network & partnership with CSOs, NGOs, line agencies, foreign and other institutions
  • Provide potable water facilities
  • Make available public sanitation facilities Power

  • Tap, network & partnership with CSOs, NGOs, line agencies, foreign and other institutions
  • Expansion of power distribution to un served areas
  • Increase efficiency on power collection
  • Harnessing local resources as alternative power source
  • Advocacy for inclusion on ERC/TRANSCO guidelines
  • Tap, network and partnership with CSOs, NGOs, line agencies, foreign and other institutions Drainage/Flood Control

  • Restrict settlement within the buffer zone
  • Protect and rehabilitate forest areas
  • Implement proper waste management
  • Upgrade existing drainage system Solid and Liquid Waste

  • Identification and acquisition of future landfill areas
  • Efficient solid/liquid waste management and disposal system
  • Fund sourcing
  • Establishment of controlled dumpsites
  • IEC solid waste disposal and segregation
  • Formulation/adoption of Solid Waste Management Plan for urban areas
  • Enact SWM Ordinance

6.7.6 Other Services Elderly, Women & Children, and Differently-Abled

  • Preventive, rehabilitative and developmental programs and initiatives that mobilize/utilize the family and community to respond to a problem, need, issue or concern of children, youth, women, person with disabilities, older persons and families who are in need and at-risk.
  • network & partnership with CSOs, NGOs, line agencies, foreign and other institutions Indigenous Persons (IPS)

  • Promote the interest and well-being of the Indigenous Cultural Communities/ Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) with due regard to their beliefs, customs, traditions and institutions.
  • network with CSOs, NGOs, line agencies, and other institutions



6.8.1 Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

  • Construction of drainage system with pumping station
  • Upgrading of lamitan district hospital
  • Provision of solar power supply
  • Construction of mini hydro power plant at sumisip
  • Establishment of standby back-up generator set power plant
  • Construction of roads passing Aguada Barangay to Bliss crossing Aguada river
  • Construction of alternate bridge
  • Construction of multipurpose evacuation center for all Cities and Municipalities.
  • Listing and identification of evacuation centers
  • Construction of comfort rooms
  • Installation of water supply connections
  • Provision of relief goods
  • Reforestation
    • - Forest cover
    • - Mangrove
    • - Bamboo
    • - Rubber
    • - Coco fiber Geo-textile net
    • - Rip rapping project
  • Information and Educational Campaign
  • IEC materials
  • Drills and training
  • Early warning device (syringe)
  • Implementation of zoning ordinances
  • Formulation of PDRRM plan
  • Drilling ground water source development
  • Protection of watershed area
  • Provision of Health Services
  • Agricultural Crops
  • Rehab/Construction of adequate drainage system
  • Riverbank protection
  • Coast way protection
  • River dredging
  • Provision of Rubber Boats
  • Provision of Water/Sea ambulance with complete medical equipment
  • Installation of early warning device for flood
  • Regular Earthquake drill trainings to the barangays
  • Review strict implementation of building code
  • Regular inspection of aged buildings
  • Rehab and reconstruction projects


6.8.2 Governance

  • Legislative and Local Governance Training
  • Construction of Municipal Halls
  • Conduct Investment Promotion Activities
  • Promotional Materials
  • Acquisition/purchase of computers for efficient E-data tracking system
  • Setting-up of electronic networking
  • Conduct Management Information System Training
  • Peer to Peer Study tour

6.8.3 Administration

  • Training and acquisition of Geographical Information System (GIS) Software Mapping (Land Area per Barangay, Land Suitability, Forest Cover, Coastal Area, among others)
  • Establish Maps and Mapping Board for Social Services (demography, health, poverty incidence, Disposal area, etc.), SMES, Tax, Infrastructure/facilities/utilities
  • Acquisition of Vehicles
  • Orientations/seminars/consultations/IEC for LAWs related to Senior Citizens, Children, Gender Sensitivity, Violence against Women, Indigenous People, Disabilities
  • Updating of LGUs Socio-Economic Profile
  • Formulate Barangay Socio-Economic Profile/Development Plan
  • Conduct/attend Civil Service Trainings, Project Studies Preparation, Technical Writing
  • Conduct IEC on Halal Development Program

6.8.4 Social Services Health/Nutrition

  • Construction of 60 Barangay Health Stations
  • Rehabilitation of 30 Barangay Health Stations
  • Acquire/purchase 60 units of Blood Pressure apparatus/stethoscopes
  • Purchase 60 units of Weighing scale (Salter Harris) pediatric and adult
  • Supplemental Feeding Programs
  • Acquisition of medicines, medical supplies & other related items
  • Construction of 40 day care centers and repair of 80 day care centers
  • Hiring of Health Workers in all Selected Cities/Municipalities
  • Rehabilitation/upgrading/operationalization of Provincial District Hospitals
  • Accreditation for DOH Sentrong Sigla is selected LGUs
  • Attend/coordinate health related capability building
  • Massive Orientations/seminars/consultations/IEC and campaign on health and nutrition development
  • Attend and conduct health related trainings (Food Handlers Class, Microscopist Training, others) Gender, Culture and Social Welfare Development

  • Skills and entrepreneurial trainings
  • Acquisition of equipments and facilities
  • Orientation/seminar on Code of Muslim Personal Laws (CMPL)
  • Massive orientation/consultation/IEC on R.A. # 9262 – Anti Violence Against Women and Children (AVAWC)
  • Ethnic Cultural revival program and institutionalization thru symposia and forum and consultations
  • Interfaith and Intrafaith Dialogues
  • Conduct seminar/training on Parents Effectiveness Service (PES)
  • Values Formation Program
  • Child, Elderly, IPs Program
  • Emergency and Rehabilitation Operation
  • Institute Local Womens’ Council in all LGUS
  • Community Resource Volunteer Development
  • Physical Fitness & Sports Development Program
  • Youth and Children’s Convention/congress
  • Stress Debriefing Seminar and Trauma Healing
  • Women’s Month Celebration
  • Construction of Drop-in Center for women/children in conflict w/ the laws
  • Massive Drug Awareness Program
  • Institute Provincial Drug Council
  • Establishment of Tribal Halls Education

  • Construction of 20 school buildings
  • Rehabilitation of 60 school buildings
  • Acquire/purchase educational supplies and other related items
  • Attend/coordinate education related capability building
  • Orientations/seminars/consultations/IEC on education development
  • Construction of adult schools
  • Literacy Program for Badjaos men and women
  • Establishment/Construction of Islamic Schools (Madrasa Schools) in selective communities
  • Capability Building for Ustadzes & other Madrasa teachers
  • Establishment of Provincial Review Center for teachers of all levels
  • Granting and Expansion of Scholarship Program for tertiary levels
  • Capability building for teachers (upgrading of knowledge)
  • ALTS for youth and children Housing

  • Acquire/purchase lots for low cost housing
  • Relocation and evacuation center for affected families during disaster Peace, Security (PNP, Fire, Jail)

  • Additional logistics support
  • Renovation of police stations
  • Purchase/acquisition of police vehicles & other communication equipment/facilities
  • Acquisition of patrol boats
  • Acquisition of New Fire trucks
  • Rehabilitation of existing fire trucks
  • Renovation of Fire Station
  • Construction/renovation of Penal Center to be gender sensitive
  • Livelihood Program for the inmates
  • Values Formation and Informal-Educational for the inmates
  • Capability Building for PNP, BFP, BJM
  • Establishment of PNP Women’s Desk in all Police Stations

6.8.5 Economic Development Infrastructure/facilities

  • Upgrading of telecommunication system
  • Construction of LGUs parking area
  • Expansion of local wharves
  • Construction of transit shed at wharf area
  • Construction of passenger sheds
  • Construction of standard drainage system
  • Construction of side walk and shouldering
  • Construction of public toilets
  • Improvement of roads and bridges
  • Additional street lights
  • Construction of farm to market roads (FMR) -
  • Rehabilitation of farm to market roads (FMR)
  • Rehabilitation/expansion of irrigation system
  • Water development projects
  • Barangay electrification program Agriculture

  • Sustain the provincial rubber nursery
  • Construct/establish Agri-Fisheries Training Dev’t. Center
  • Establishment of techno-demo
  • Acquisition of land, seedlings, planting materials, inputs
  • Organizational development (cooperative, federation)
  • Provisions of farm inputs (seeds, planting materials, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc)
  • Agri-fishery information materials
  • Attend/conduct industry related congress/conferences
  • Local Study Mission or Industry study tour
  • Jatropha seedling production for dipersal
  • Best practices for other crops
  • Acquisition of farm implements (tractors, threshers, etc.)
  • Establsihment of Palayamanan Model Farms
  • Institutional development for sectoral industries
  • Sustain coconut industry, cassava, coffee/cacao other crops
Rubber Industry
  • Expansion/maintenance of provincial rubber nursery
  • Continuous distribution of rubber planting Materials
  • Establishment/acquisition of a village-type rubber processing plants for small growers
  • Acquisition/purchase/Distibution of coagulating containers or drums
  • Establishment/Upgrading of rubber processing facilities
  • Establishment of budwood/clonal gardens
  • Accreditation of nurseries
  • Accrediatation of tappers/budders
  • Institutional Development
  • Integration in academe
  • Best practices trainings
  • Livestock and poultry dispersal
  • Best practices on Animal welfare and trainings
  • Establishment of Halal Slaughterhouse Fishery

  • Construction of stilt drier for fish drying 
  • Construction of seaweeds production units
  • Establishment of marine sanctuaries
  • Seaweed seed-bank
  • Best practices trainings
  • Fish cage
  • Crab fattening
  • Lobster culture farming
  • Fishpond development
  • Establishment of hatchery
  • Provision for fishing paraphernalia (fish traps/pots)
  • Motorized fishing boats – 3 tons below Tourism

  • Construction Recreation and sport complex
  • Construction of LGUs Public plaza/children’s playground
  • Beautification and cleanliness program
  • Development of tourism areas and potential sites
  • Agro-Industrial Fair
  • Fiesta celebration
  • Tourism Master Development Plan
  • Reactivate Basilan Green Movement

6.8.6 Environmental Development Coastal Resource Management Program

  • Create Provincial Forest/Coastal and Solid Waste Management Team (PFCSWM Team) and TWG
  • Establishment of MPA coordinating center
  • Installation of additional markers, billboards and buoys
  • Construction of guardhouse and provision of searchlights joint project of LGU/EcoGov & other CSOs and line agencies
  • Reactivation/strengthening of Bantay Dagat Task Force
  • Production of IEC materials
  • Training of TWG on technicalities on MPA Management
  • Conduct biophysical assessment
  • Formulation of Forest Land-Use Plan
  • Formulation Marine Protected Area Management Plan
  • Construction of Floating Cottage at the MPA buffer zone
  • Provision of alternative livelihood assistance for constituents in the coastal barangays
  • Development of the establish MPA for Eco-Tourism (IGP)
  • Conduct Law Enforcement and Apprehension Training Forest and Forest Land and Management Program

  • Survey and delianation of LGUs boundaries
  • Conduct cability trainings
  • Acquisition of global positioning system (GPS)
  • Training on the formation of environment groups LGUs
  • Organize, strengthen and deputize the Bantay Gubat
  • Training on Forest Laws Enforcement
  • Conduct regular patrolling in the forestland
  • Reforestation/ rehabilitation of denuded forestlands
  • Conduct IEC on Environment Awareness Campaign
  • Update the thematic maps of the all LGUs (tenure, infrastructure, vegetative and issue maps)
  • Acquisition of paraphernalia/supplies/equipment for patrolling
  • Acquisition of vehicles for monitoring and patrolling in the forestlands
  • Provision for livelihood assistance for upland farmers
  • Training on the establishment of eco-park
  • Formulate Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP)
  • IEC activities in metro barangays and the establishment of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF)
  • Piloting of barangays on waste segregation, composting and MRF
  • Provide receptacles for segregated wastes
  • Acquisition of lot for controlled dump site


Table 84 - Basilan Province, Six (6) Years Development Program 2014-2019









Table 85 - Priority Projects Lamitan City, 2014 - 2019



Table 86 – Priority Projects, Isabela City, 2014-19



Table  87  - Priority Projects Maluso Municipality, 2014-2019



Table 88 - Priority Projects, Tuburan Municipality, 2014 - 2019



Table 89 - Priority Projects, Sumisip Municipality, 2014 - 2019



Table 90 - Priority Projects, Lantawan Municipality, 2014 - 2019



Table 91 - Priority Projects, Tipo-Tipo Municipality, 2014-2019



Table 92 - Priority Projects, Ungkaya Pukan  Municipality, 2014 - 2019



Table  93 - Priority Projects, TABUAN-LASA Municipality, 2014 - 2019



Table  94 - Priority Projects, Hadji Mohammad Ajul Municipality, 2004 - 2019



Table 95 - Priority Projects, Al-Barka  Municipality, 2014-2019



Table 96 - Priority Projects, Akbar  Municipality, 2014 - 2019 



Table 97 - Priority Projects, Hadji Muhtamad  Municipality, 2014 - 2019



6.10 Legislative Requirements

The close collaboration between the Executive and Legislative is a must. Since legislative support (Ordinances or Resolutions) is vital for the adoption and implementation of the identified priority projects. As mentioned, legislative measures are presented according to sector which was translated from the development needs.

Any projects that will be implemented thru the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), the Department of Budget and Managemnt (DBM) requires every Local Government Unit (LGU) to submit an Annual Investment Plan prior to the approval of the local budget.

About Basilan

The ancient name of Basilan Island was Tagime, named after a Datu who once ruled a big part of the island before the Spaniards came to Basilan. In the long past, Basilan had other names. It used to be named Uleyan, derived from a mountain located at the heart of the island. Later, it was changed to Matangal, also named after Mt. Matangal in Tuburan. Other names given were Puh Gulangan (island of forest); Umus Tambun (fertile land); Kumalarang, named after a river; Baunuh Peggesan; and later it was changed to Basih Balan.

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