There are a number of places to stay in Basilan, some Hotels, Resorts and hostels likewise dot the City of Isabela.

The most Notable places are:

  • The Farmland Resort (Lanote)
  • Anson's Hotel (Sumagdang)
  • Hotel Royal Issra (Marketsite)
  • Casa Rosario (Port Area), Basilan Hostel (Eastside)
  • Buwalan Beach Resort (Sumagdang)
  • ISAWAD Pool Resort (Cabunbata)
  • Basilan Hotel (Isabela Proper)
  • Grino House (Menzi)


Sumptuous local delicacies may likewise be sampled. Not to be missed are hearty Muslim dishes such as "tyula itum", "pianggang manok", "baulo", "kulma", etc. Certain Yakan festivities likewise prepare a pyramidal "dullang" with the delectable mountain rice "sappul"

Isabela City

  • Jollibee
  • Lolo Jose Grille and Restaurant
  • Font's Restaurant
  • JJ Twin's Pavillion
  • Mon's Kitchen
  • Emerald Cafe
  • Eathel's Burger Joint
  • Trisha's

Lamitan City

  • Chi-Chia Grille and Restaurant
  • Nalamar Family Entertainment Complex

Must Buy

A definite recommended "buy" would be the intricate Yakan weaves, trinkets and souvenir items usually made of woven material and hammered brass/bronze pieces, with colorful beads and hand-painted wooden bangles, rings, and handcrafted Yakan bags, table-runners, wall-decor, etc. Be sure to visit the Isabela City Pasalubong Center for authentic Yakan craft (1/F, J. S. Alano Zenith Bldg., J. S. Alano St.). Since you're already in Basilan, don't miss out on the "Basilan Brew" coffee available in nearby Lamitan town (only 45 minutes from Isabela City). A number of retail establishments may likewise be visited before 6:00PM (traditional closing time).

About Basilan

The ancient name of Basilan Island was Tagime, named after a Datu who once ruled a big part of the island before the Spaniards came to Basilan. In the long past, Basilan had other names. It used to be named Uleyan, derived from a mountain located at the heart of the island. Later, it was changed to Matangal, also named after Mt. Matangal in Tuburan. Other names given were Puh Gulangan (island of forest); Umus Tambun (fertile land); Kumalarang, named after a river; Baunuh Peggesan; and later it was changed to Basih Balan.

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